About Jo

I am a self taught mixed media artist. I have a studio in Hawke’s Bay where I work full time creating works in the mediums of ceramics, paintings, resin and steel wall hangings.

In the ceramics studio I use stoneware and porcelain clays, creating a wide range of wall hung hearts, birds, crosses and flowers. I also have wheel thrown bowls and bud vases, and sculpted pieces, all handmade and fired on site.
Ceramics is a very creative medium to work with, the process is labour intensive and each piece that is made by hand goes through several stages to completion. I use a wide range of glaze colours on my pieces with an emphasis on soft pastel tones. I incorporate a lot of texture in my work too, allowing the glazes to break over them creating unique looks to my designs.


In my painting studio I create works spanning across several genres. My art is quite diverse and unique, working in contemporary, surrealist and abstract styles, also incorporating resin into my works. I work with acrylic paints and mediums.

My range of resin works are are created on galvanized steel with either hand painted designs or multi coloured resins to create unique wall hangings.

I see my art as a creative journey. Always exploring new concepts and designs. Keeping my style unique and individual.

My studio is open by appointments and I welcome visits even on the weekends.